Radon Gas Detectors Test KitOur passive radon detectors are the most accurate type used, for testing domestic and commercial buildings thought England, Scotland and Wales.

The detectors in our radon gas test kits should be left in place for 90 days or around 3 months.  Therefore, taking into account the fluctuations in indoor radon concentrations that occur over time.

An annual property average will also be calculated for domestic homes from this measurement.

Radon gas test kits are single-use and are simply left in the same place for the full test window.  Then they are posted back to our UK Public Health England (PHE) validated laboratory for analysis.

We will then email the report to you. This normally occurs within 5 working days of receiving the detectors.

Short Term (7 to 28 days) testing.

When results are required more quickly or to plan mitigation throughout the whole property.  A short term screening test can be carried out.  Which will provide a good indication as to whether high radon concentrations are likely to be an issue.

How many detectors do I need?

For a 3 month test, two detectors are required as a minimum.  One placed in the lounge and the second in the master bedroom.

However, If you have a large property, that has been extended or a basement.  Then we recommend extra detectors are placed.

This is because gas can leak differently in each part of the property.

For short term testing, only one detector is necessary on the ground in a small property without a basement.

However, more detectors are advised for testing houses with basements and larger floor types.

Public Health England state, that anything domestic property measuring over 200 Bq per cubic metre requires mitigation to reduce it to safe levels.

in addition on some commercial properties, the limit is 300 Bq per cubic metre.

Following testing, we then advise on the next steps, such as whether mitigation is necessary or not.

If you require any advice on testing radon, please do not hesitate to contact A1 Radon.

Please contact us If you are testing a portfolio of properties or would like a quotation to include the placement & collection of detectors.