How To Place Detectors

While testing your property, we advise you to live life normally.

For instance, overwinter there is no need to keep all the doors and windows open. To try and reduce the radon gas levels in your home.

The whole house average reading takes this into account, Therefore giving you the most accurate readings and risk for your home.

Please use the images below to help you place the detectors in the best locations.

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Where to place detectors in your home

Where to place a detector in the lounge or downstairs main living area.

Detector placed in Lounge

Where to place a detector in the master bedroom.

The 3 months (90 Days) test will give the yearly average radon level in your home and will tell you whether it is above or below the Action Level. The results will be less reliable:

  • If there is a change of occupier during the test period
  • If the home is unoccupied for more than a few weeks in the three months
  • If there are on-going building works
  • If the detectors are not put in place within a few days of arriving
  • If the test period is shorter than 3 months